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Pitch Deck

Regardless of what stage of funding you’re seeking, a persuasive and impeccable investor pitch deck is your fast track towards becoming acknowledged and funded.

We specialize in professional pitch deck consultancy, enhancing your presentation materials for maximum impact and effectiveness.
Investors, particularly VCs, spend less than 3 minutes on viewing a full Pitch Deck on average, making it imperative to craft a compelling and concise pitch deck, if you want to strike a chord with them and grab their attention and funding.

First Impressions

A professionally designed pitch deck creates a lasting positive impression on potential investors, establishing credibility and professionalism from the outset.

Investor Engagement

A professionally crafted deck captures the attention of investors swiftly and maintains their engagement, allowing them to quickly assess the opportunity and consider the investment.

Storytelling and Persuasion

It helps in storytelling by weaving a compelling narrative around the business, which can be crucial in persuading investors to support and invest in the client's vision.

Guiding Conversations

A well-structured deck serves as a guide during presentations, ensuring that crucial points are covered, and it can initiate discussions that delve deeper into specific aspects of the business.


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Pitch Deck design
Comprehensive copywriting for all sections.
3 initial design layout (3-4 Slides).
Upto 10-20 Slides.
Premium-quality visuals.
Custom illustrations and infographics.
Rounds of modification.
Editable PPT (or) Google Slides.


Starting at 799

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Our Pitch Deck Features

Storytelling and Messaging

 We craft a compelling narrative that tells the client's story in a way that resonates with investors.
Refine and enhance key messaging to create a clear and memorable pitch.

Content Strategy

We develop a content strategy that aligns with the target audience and addresses the specific interests and concerns of potential investors.
Ensure that each section of the pitch deck contributes to building a strong case for investment.

Visual Design and Branding

We create a visually appealing design that enhances the overall branding of the client's business.
Ensure consistency in design elements and branding throughout the pitch deck.

Pitch Deck Copywriting

We go beyond composing pitch deck content filled with complex language and lengthy paragraphs. Our seasoned pitch deck consultants leverage their persuasive and communication skills to create concise and compelling content that effectively converts.

What is the process?


It Begins With a Call

After you sign up, we’ll start with a kickoff call to understand your business, goals and, unique value proposition target market in-depth. This step allows us to align our services with your specific requirements for the pitch deck.


Design and Visual Enhancement

Our team of professionals will create a compelling Pitch Deck by employing professional design elements, infographics, and powerful visuals.


Research and 50% of Payment

Collaboratively, we will collect essential information about your business, target audience, market positioning, and key message to be conveyed in the pitch deck.


Initial Draft

You will receive a draft layout of 3-4 slides based on the information we have gathered, which we will refine based on your feedback, ensuring accuracy, clarity and alignment with your objectives.


Final Delivery, 50% Payment Due

We will deliver the final, polished pitch deck in various formats, ensuring it meets your expectations and is ready for presentations.

 Some of our Work

Meadia – Brand Deck
FLO – Pitch Deck
Joyful Minds – Pitch Deck 
Mahendus – Pitch Deck
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